We have been dealing with transportation related issues, especially railway, for a long time and we are very well aware of the particularities of this sector. Terms like public service obligation, ETCS, railway capacity allocation, TSI, NoBo/DeBo, overhaul, rolling stock mileage or type tests will not come as a surprise to us. 

This is why we can help you even in more complex cases, such as:

  • purchase, modernisation, or repair of vehicles, including the resolution of any related disputes;
  • assistance with the certification and approval of rolling stock or its subsystems (National Safety Authority proceedings or EU Agency for Railways – ERA proceedings)
  • securing of the license to operate rail transport or certificate of the railway carrier
  • infrastructure access and access to service facilities
  • relations between customers and public service providers in passenger transport;
  • issues within the competence of the Rail Authority and the Transport Infrastructure Access Authority;
  • legal relations to real estate on the railway;
  • competition in transportation;
  • and more.