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Why us?

Budete nám rozumět
You will understand us

Lawyers often use a language ordinary people struggle to understand. We always try to communicate in a clear and understandable way. Whether you are buying an apartment or pursuing a complicated lawsuit.

Jdeme rovnou k věci
We get straight to the point

We never burden you with long theoretical analyses. We always aim to provide the most practical legal advice possible in order for you to make the right decision.

Problémy řešíme komplexně
We solve problems comprehensively

Most issues tend to entail more than just the legal aspect which is why we work with experts from other fields, such as tax advisors or accountants, to solve your problem in a comprehensive manner.

Pracujeme v kontextu
We work in context

We do not provide legal advice detached from reality; we always take into account all the circumstances of your situation. We are very well aware that not every solution can be found in a textbook. And that is why we always listen to our clients and try to understand all their needs and goals.

Jsme odborníci
We are experts

Members of our team boast many years of experience from the largest Czech law firms. They provided legal services to individuals as well as major companies in the Czech Republic.

Jsme kreativní
We are creative

We are used to solving complex issues, this is what we like about the law. We approach our work from a creative perspective, and we are able to find solutions in places where others are not even looking.

Our services

Our cooperation in 4 steps

Step 1

First contact

You can contact us by phone, email or using the form on our website. After receiving your request, we will contact you and arrange a meeting in person. If the nature of the case allows it, we can handle everything electronically.

Step 2

Meeting in person

At our first non-binding meeting, you will introduce us to what we can help you with. We will discuss everything in detail, outline the possibilities of further action and, if necessary, take over all the necessary documentation. You do not need to worry about any fees for the first meeting. The first meeting is always free of charge.

Step 3

Setting up cooperation

Having discussed your requirements and needs, we will outline the possibilities of further action and provide you with an estimate of the time needed to solve your case as well as the related costs. Should we agree on the conditions and course of our cooperation, we will prepare and sign a contract for the provision of legal services and get down to work.

Step 4

Case handling

We will stay in contact with you during the handling of your case. Should it turn out to be necessary to clarify anything or provide additional documents, we will get in touch with you and discuss everything. All will be done by the deadline we agree on, you can count on it.

About us

Mgr. Ondřej Kocourek, M.Econ.


Mgr. Jiří Pour


Mgr. Ondřej Kocourek, M.Econ.

attorney at law | partner

Mgr. Jiří Pour

attorney at law | partner


We pamper all of our clients. Take a look at some of them.

Our fees

Where no estimate can be made in advance as to how time-consuming a legal case will be, we use the so-called time-based fee with our clients. We multiply the pre-agreed hourly rate by the number of hours we end up spending on your case. Even with the time-based fees, we always provide our clients with at least approximate estimates of the expected time required to complete partial tasks. None of our monthly invoices will thus come as a surprise to you. Each of our invoices of course comes with a detailed overview of the activities we have completed in relation to your case.

The time-based fee is typically suitable, among other things, for litigations, administrative proceedings, out-of-court negotiations and transaction advice.

Where time can be estimated in advance, we prefer to use the so-called task-based fee with our clients. The task-based fee is a fixed, non-exceedable amount for completing a task. The client can thus rest assured as to how much they will pay for the given legal service. Any increased complexity of the case is at our own risk.

Task-based fees are typically used, among other things, in the preparation or revision of contractual documentation, corporate agenda or compliance related issues.

We often offer our clients the possibility of a success fee. This form of remuneration means that during the provision of our services, you only pay part of the standard hourly rate and we will be entitled to the main part of the remuneration only if we achieve the result that we agreed on in advance.

The success fee is typically used in litigation or out-of-court negotiations concerning monetary payments.

Is legal work piling up and you are thinking about hiring an in-house lawyer or expanding your existing legal team? However, such a step entails, among other things, increased costs (social and health insurance contributions, benefits, etc.), poorer substitutability (illness, leave), limited specialisation or the inability to react flexibly to a possible decline in the amount of legal work. 

In these situations, it is often much more convenient for clients to have an external legal team available in our law firm and to outsource all legal work to us for a monthly flat fee. The expertise of our partners and attorneys will give you certainty even in legal issues that your in-house lawyer does not normally deal with. The external legal team can also respond in a much more flexible manner to any changes in the scope of your legal work. 

The guaranteed number of monthly hours can be arranged with full flexibility according to your needs. Some will need a package of 5 hours of legal services per month, others may need as many as 50 hours.

One of the main advantages of the monthly flat fee is that the guaranteed range of hours in it is provided at significantly more favorable price conditions than when using ordinary time remunerations.


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